Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make alterations to my unit?
It is possible to alter only the inside of your unit. The main structure of the buildings may not be altered. Plans must be approved by the Board to ensure consistence with the rest of the property.
Do I pay extra for security?
24 hour Security is part of your levy.
What are the transportation options within community?
The Lodge property is wheelchair friendly. During daylight hours a Golf Cart is available for assistance within the premises. There are chair lifts and elevators for the multi-floor buildings. Weekly minibus transport is arranged for visits to nearby shopping centres, and occasionally for theatre and other outings.
Do I pay extra for insurance?
Insurance for the buildings is included in the levy. Residents are responsible for insuring the inside of the unit and their personal belongings.
What if I'm in distress or injured?
There is an internal telephone system that can be used to contact the Care Centre or any other member. For critical emergencies, members are encouraged to wear their panic buttons on a lanyard around their neck.
Do I need to maintain my garden?
There is a cleaning, gardening & grass-cutting service for the common property, and there is a gardener to help you on a weekly basis with your personal garden.
How much is Water & Electricity?
Each unit has a separate electricity meter. The cost of your personal consumption is added to your monthly statement. You will also pay a pro rata share monthly of the electrical consumption of that part of the property not inhabited by residents. The use of water is included in the levy. Borehole water, when available, can be used for the gardens.
Can someone move in with me?
A friend or family member may stay for a short period, while longer stays must be approved by the Board.
Are pets allowed?
Pets are discouraged. Only small pets to whom new residents are attached are allowed to move into The Lodge with you. Once they have passed on, they may not be replaced. Pets must be kept under control lead & should not be a nuisance to other residents. All pets must be kept on a lead and should not be a nuisance to other residents.
Who is in charge of Community & Activities?
There is a House Committee who manage the social activities of residents. For the management and operation of The Lodge, there is a Matron to manage the Care Centre and a Maintenance Manager who looks after maintenance, security, gardening and the overall running of the Village as a whole. The Board of Directors manage the funds and oversee the Managers and the activities of the House Committee.
Is there access to a post office?
The post is collected from the Bryanston Post Office and mail is sorted into the private mail boxes on The Lodge property. Outgoing mail is collected from a mail box on The Lodge property and posted at the Post Office.
Are there any eating establishments within village?
The Dining Room is open from Monday to Sunday for lunch and Tuesday to Friday for dinner. Tickets for the Dining room meals can be purchased from the administration office. Tickets for the pub are administered by the House Committee and can be purchased from designated members on site as and when required.
Can I hire my own gardener or maid?
Personal staff can be appointed, but must be registered with the Manager before they commence duty. Care givers should preferably be vetted or recommended by the Matron.
Are there laundry facilities?
A disc-operated Laundrette is available. Disc’s can be purchased from the administration office.

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